Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumn SwapIt!

Yeah, I know, I'm the worst at this. I get it!
Just a quick post, as exciting times are (expectedly) coming my way. Hopefully I'll have more in the coming weeks (...hopefully I'll actually update/post on my blog more frequently). Been very busy with moving and work and the other joys of life.

But for today, I have this.
Autumn SwapIt, a seasonal game on that I worked on, went live today.

I made the background for the game. Lots of fun to make, and didn't come out too too shabby.

Hopefully you will get a better score than I did while trying to take this screenshot. Here's the background without the game-board.

I had thought I would have something else to show today, but it may be turning into something more significant. So until it's official (or until it crashes and burns) I can't share it.

So there you go, something new, and something cryptic. #MeetingDemands