Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Yeah, I know. I'm awful at this. But I made no promises, so I reject your judgement.

Anyways, I recently got to do a project involving Wheel of Fortune for the GSN Games' Facebook page. The idea was to post puzzles from classic episodes of Wheel of Fortune for our fans to try and solve, and so they wanted a classic puzzle board to go along with the theme. I had to get approvals from Sony and some of the Execs at WOF, which was kind of cool. Though my manager played it smart and told me that after all was said and done.

The image above was the classic board they approved inspired by a board from the 80's (I was given [grainy] pictures of the sets from different decades). Below are the other iterations I made that were also considered, the first one is also an 80's inspired board and the second is from the 70's.

Unfortunately Vanna White did not make the cut. I imagine she's pretty choked up about it.
Look for the puzzles on GSN Games' Facebook page.



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