Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Okay, I've said it before, I'm bad at this. So whatever, get off my case.
Nothing 'fresh' yet, but I'll get it here. But hopefully this is something cool to tide over whoever's interested.

Someone at work just receive the Wacom Inkling and brought it in for all the play with. (Unfortunately for 'All' I got to it first)

I love it. I've heard some people give negative reviews about it, but I think those reviews may have arrived upon some unrealistic expectations. It's kind of fun and super easy to use.

It's biggest problem is that it doesn't always grab everything you put down on paper, but for various reasons: Your fingers can cover the sensor depending on how you hold a pen, you might not apply the right amount of pressure, and if you're not drawing on a hard surface (like I was drawing against my knee) then it might shift some lines. But these are all issues that can be worked around.
The coolest thing is that you can sketch in layers, there's a button at the top of the sensor that allows you to create a new layer as you're working. No backsies though :-/

I love it! I want one. Someone make it happen!

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