Sunday, March 4, 2012

Punxsutawney Phil

I still intend to use this blog to post new things I'm working on, but unfortunately that wont be the case this time. (Never start a blog with a cold!!)
These were candidates for a groundhog's day promotion on GSN Cash Competitions. 

Both designs take a great deal of artistic license, one a bit more than the other. But given that the reference images that were included with the creative request were istock images of what can only be described as a coyote/bear floating above an oval, I don't feel like I totally missed the mark.

Again, neither of these show the whole promotion, just a snippet. I won't tell you which one made the cut, but I will say that the absence of a "sharp looking top hat" was cause for some brief hostility in the work place.

Something fresh to come, I promise!

1 comment:

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